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Kids Nap Mats
 The Toddler On The Go

Consider having extras on hand in the home for company sleep overs. 

Please see the Donation page for children in need. So many children have lost their beds due to disasters that destroyed their homes and uprooted them and their family's. They are in Shelters or having to travel from one place to another. Every Child should have a comforting place to rest their head. 


        Flop-A-Cot is an ALL- IN- ONE 
   Quilted Mattress with built in Pillow and attached quilted Blanket-portable nap & sleep mat that also INCLUDES a detachable  vinyl floor mat, so no other floor mats or cots are needed.

                     Roll & Go easy

The Floor Mat provides more protection from the spread of germs, bacteria, viruses, and head lice in group situations. It provides a barrier of protection from cold and damp surfaces therefore provides more comfort on bare surfaces such as non carpeted floors. It provides a layer of protection on surfaces indoors and outdoors as well as protects beds from child wet through's.  

Fits child from 2 years to 7 years of age. 

Flop-A-Cot is soothing like a security blanket for the child, it is their own everywhere they go. 

They are flexible and great for small
     spaces with multiple little ones. 

           Great for kids sleep over's. 

            Kids never slept better.
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 Made In NewYork State
     Kids Nap Mats for 
The Toddler On the Go
             214 Co. Rd. 29 Norwich, NY 13815
Flop-A-Cot              for napping and sleeping anywhere
Good rest is so important for a Child's health and happiness.

                               Machine washable

These beautiful Nap Mats are designed for comfort for nap & sleep where ever your little one may be, at home, in Daycare, Kindergarten, Grandma's, between homes with split family's, traveling with stays in Hotels and Motels and warm weather camping. Use indoors and out. Helps also with transitioning a little one from crib to bed. Children that have trouble sleeping or do not like "rest time", do better with Flop-A-Cot. (see Testimonials). 

No zippers, buttons or snaps that can be difficult, easy grab & go, roll it out anywhere, hop in, hop out, roll it up and go. 

Total convenience, never loose a thing, no time wasted with last minute looking for a lost pillow, etc. 

More sanitary in group situation because of the protective Floor Mat, as the bedding is protected by when open, and rolled up and stored away.